Coloring with Crayons | Colorful Outlet Covers


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Our Coloring with Crayons | Colorful Outlet Covers are a great way to add a splash of fun and character to any child's room or nursery. Our covers come in the same vibrant hues as their namesake, allowing parents to customize the decor in their child's room. These outlet covers also coordinate with popular characters such as Thomas and Paw Patrol, making them ideal for imaginative play.


  • Adds a fun and playful touch to any room
  • Colorful Crayons
  • Fits standard light switches, making it a great addition to any home decor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Ideal for¬†renters¬†or for a quick, easy, and great-looking home decor update.¬†
  • Transform¬†your home into a private, personalized sanctuary that perfectly reflects your taste.
  • ¬†The perfect blend of¬†function¬†&¬†style.
  • Quick¬†&¬†easy¬†Installation & Removal
  • Make your home more functional & beautiful