Our CEO was featured in MTWBTB Magazine (Meet The Woman Behind The Business)

Sis, prepare your heart to swell with pride — our very own Ko'Kila Gibbons is the radiant queen featured in MTWBTB magazine. Her "why" is as simple as it is powerful: infusing homes with a spirit that sings the anthem of our ancestry and the hymn of modern vibrance. Voted "Best Interior Designer" by her peers, Ko'Kila is more than a title-holder; she's a storyteller through design, turning homes into cultural havens.

Her space-transforming switch covers are crafted with a whisper of history and a shout of contemporary style. Every creation is a journey from the roots to the blossoms of culture, all while tenderly embracing sustainability. This honor is a nod not just to her talent, but to the ethos of our brand—where every textured tale weaves together strength, joy, and the resilient thread of community.

 Ko'Kila, The Woman Behind the Business
Read about our founder here. 

Lovingly turning houses into homes that resonate with your soul — that's the magic of Ko'Kila Gibbons, echoing with a hearty "Yasss, sis," in every stroke of design. 🌟

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