Shades of Royalty Purple Bling Wall Plates


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Have you ever looked at something and thought, "This is exactly who I am"? With our Shades of Royalty Purple Bling Wall Plates, that's exactly what you'll feel when you see it.

They scream confidence and luxury—and they're just like you. They're a designer original!

These Shades of Royalty Purple Bling Wall Plates are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and glamour to any room in your home. Made with high-quality materials and adorned with sparkling purple pearls & rhinestones, these wall plates are sure to make a statement. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom, these wall plates will instantly elevate the look and feel of your space. So go ahead, embrace your inner queen and make your home fit for royalty with these stunning wall plates.



Designer original: Each wall plate is handcrafted and unique, just like you

High-quality materials: Made with durable materials that will last for years to come

Sparkling purple rhinestones: Adds a touch of glamour and luxury to any room

Easy installation: Fits any standard light switch or outlet

Versatile: Can be used in any room of your home


Elevate your home decor: Instantly upgrade the look and feel of any room

Make a statement: These wall plates will catch the eye of anyone who enters your home

Show off your style: Let your personality shine through with these stylish and unique wall plates

Long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials that are built to last

Easy to install: No need to hire a professional, you can easily install these wall plates yourself


So why settle for ordinary wall plates when you can have something truly extraordinary? Transform your home into a palace with these Shades of Royalty Purple Bling Wall Plates.