The Woman With the Vision

I am Ko'Kila and  these are all of my handmade "Kreationz". I have a larger than life personality and see everything in color. I am a true flower child. I am a free spirit. I have always seen the world in color and had a flair for being uniquely myself. I do not follow the rules that society sets and I do not color inside the lines. I have used all of those attributes to design the functional art pieces in my collection. You're going to look through my collections and say to yourself, "Yep, she's truly free spirited". If that thought crosses your mind... Good, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. My goal is to showcase myself through every switch plate that I design. I am very passionate about my creative process and am lowkey a perfectionist. I have a great attention to detail and each handmade switchplate is crafted in a peaceful environment and handcrafted with love.