Artist with the Vision

I’m Ko’Kila, your Eclectic Design Artist. Kustom Kreationz by Kila was inspired by a need to create affordable, high quality, and trendy home décor out of necessity. As a single mom, I wanted the most spectacular home décor. Unfortunately, I was on a dollar store budget. I figured I could search online for décor inspiration, but I would create it myself.  After scouring design books  and the internet, I found exactly what I was looking for. I began pairing different prints and finding wallet friendly pillows and throws, but I needed more. And, unfortunately, my landlord strictly prohibited holes in the wall. That made art a no go.

I soon realized that switch plates and covers were an untapped market, and an amazing way to switch it up without damage or large expense. I started practicing with different textures and colors and people began to take notice. Friends and family would rave over the décor and wanted it for themselves. Word of mouth helped to put us on the map in Savannah, Ga. Realizing that other people, in my same situation, could benefit as well, I created KK by K. We give single mommies, renters, and busy homeowners wallet friendly options to design their living spaces to reflect their personalities. Your home is an extension of you. We help you kick it up a notch.