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Decorating with Light Switch Covers & Wall Plates

Changing out the switch or outlet is a task that should not be overlooked, but these little things can bring new life to a space. If a room is not tailored to match your personality, the room will never be complete.
 Peacock Double Lightswitch Cover
Kustom Kreationz by Kila has options that match your personality, style and décor, that picking out a switch or wall plate becomes just as easy, and maybe even more so than choosing a traditional accent piece in a room. 
Our selection of designer wall plates and light switches are sure to impress everyone who visits your home, because they will be reminded of how much you appreciate quality and good design.

 Mermaid Fish Scales Double Lightswitch Cover

These days, finding a house that doesn’t have old and hideous wall plates is difficult. This makes updating them the quickest and cheapest way to freshen up the look of your décor while still making your home functional.

 Rainbow Stripes Double Lightswitch Cover

Come on, everyone loves a pretty finish – it’s just another way to personalize your space. Of course, you can use wallpaper or intricate mosaic tile to give a room some style, but what if you're short on time and money? Wall plate covers (also called "wall plates," "switch plates," or "outlet faceplates") are keys in making a home or office look just the way you want. Wall plates, also called switch and outlet covers because they hide the wall outlets from view, are a relatively inexpensive way to add more depth and sophistication to your surroundings.

 Flowers Double Lightswitch Covers

Think about the difference between a bright dining room with a beautiful, rich wall plate installed, and one without. While the light switch cover itself is likely to be the simplest option for sprucing up the space, consider the other available options when shopping, like coordinating a light switch cover with a similar outlet cover.


Double Peacock  Wall Plate

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